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There is no one way to maximize your pharmacy savings and optimize your outcomes. That’s why AlignRx creates a custom plan for you that weaves together the right balance of proven AlignRx solutions. Our full suite of employer group solutions is designed to ensure optimal performance of your pharmacy benefit.

The foundation of our model is aligning with you. AlignRx is completely independent and objective, which means you get unbiased guidance for management of your Rx benefit.

Unfortunately, with the proliferation of coalitions in today’s environment, every PBM and Coalition thinks it is the answer. Add in the fact that many brokers simply do not have the required skillset to manage your Rx spend and you get a recipe for higher costs. Why? Because to fill their skills gap, many brokers rely too heavily on the analysis done by coalitions and PBMs. Those savings analyses are inflated to sell you on the benefits of moving into a coalition. At AlignRx, we take a different approach.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Procurement
Procurement 360 ensures you have the best economic and contract terms to drive value for you and your membership. AlignRx saves clients 20% of the Rx costs on average.

Audit Services
AlignRx has recovered millions of dollars for our clients through our robust audit expertise. If you are not auditing your PBM utilization, you are leaving money on the table.

Trend Management Programs
Our full suite of trend management programs drives trends down. This includes custom formularies, specialty copay and physician detailing.

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