ASO Rx 360

The Rx carve-out has become a significant risk for health plans.

AlignRx has created a unique solution that helps health plans compete in the self-funded drug space – despite
the proliferation of coalitions and other pharmacy benefit manager options. With ASO Rx 360, your plan can become
more competitive and increase the number of lives carved into your plan.

ASO Rx 360 is a comprehensive solution that allows you to thrive in this competitive landscape. Its multiple modules
can be customized to your plan’s unique needs. Whether it’s providing underwriting support to ensure your deal is
competitive or helping you create a world-class stand-alone Rx group contract, we can tailor a solution that
addresses your key gaps.

Pricing and Underwriting

Assisting with your plan’s underwriting and pricing methodologies. This includes pricing tier development, group underwriting, optic utilization and repricing support.

Sales and Account Management Support

Sales and Account management training, sales playbook development, and sales collateral evaluations.

Clinical Strategies

Formulary strategy, clinical savings guarantees and leveraging clinical capabilities to drive new revenue opportunities.

Broker Strategies

Broker commissions, communication strategies and key factors that drive them to place business.

Competitive Intelligence

Key competitor information and value propositions, selling strategies and tactics.

RFP Support

Assistance with answering RFPs. Compliance with RFP requirements, pricing review, financial provisions and clinical programs.

Group Contracts

Development of group contracts to ensure they meet market standards and are not in contradiction of based PBM agreement.

Audit Services

Ensure pharmacy benefit manager is administering your spread model in compliance with your contract.

Group Audit Services

Able to offer independent third-party audit service to your clients, ensuring guarantees are hit and benefits are implemented correctly.

Group Reporting

Review of group reporting, with recommendations that ensure your reporting is hitting market standards.

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