Are you looking for the next-generation process for selecting
a pharmacy benefit manager partner?

Procurement 360:
The most advanced Rx procurement process in the industry.

AlignRx’s unique, innovative procurement process provides a comprehensive assessment of each firm. This next generation procurement process does not simply focus on the financials. We understand that true savings is driven by strong unit cost, along with great clinical management. In a world where high rebate guarantees get the most attention, we understand that they often lead to higher costs. It’s simply not enough for a pharmacy benefit manager to do a claims repricing and hope costs stay controlled.

That’s why we developed Procurement 360. Our model is based on the same process health plans and large employers use to select their PBM. By focusing on every aspect of the partnership, our clients ultimately choose the partner that is right for them. Procurement 360 saves our clients an average of 20% of the Rx costs. In addition to great pricing, you get a partner that was selected based on your unique needs.

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