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Integrity and independence are the foundation on which we build our innovative solutions. AlignRx is a true partner looking out for our clients best interests. The current market is filled with coalitions and consultants that are looking to push their own agenda. AlignRx is different. Our interests are truly aligned with yours and the results are services that drive exponential value for you.

AlignRx isn’t a pharmacy consulting company in the classic sense. We don’t have standard protocol that we follow for every engagement. Because we’re not satisfied with marginal improvements and small steps forward. We intentionally built a company that produces innovative solutions and is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the market. Whether is a custom formulary for a student population or an innovative medical rebate strategy, we consistently exceed client expectations.

AlignRx has invested heavily in bringing together the best minds in the business. With AlignRx you get multi-dimensional thinking and problem solving. We have brought together a diverse team of clinicians, financial experts, and industry leaders that is unmatched in the market. This diverse team allows us to provide a full suite of services to our clients. This has led to an industry leading, 100% client retention.

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