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How We Work

Our independent Rx consulting team is the most robust in the industry, which consists of clinical pharmacists, industry experts, data analysts, and project managers — all focused on overseeing performance and improving outcomes. This diverse group of individuals boasts the industry knowledge and expertise to help our clients select the PBM partner and pre-vetted pharmacy solutions that best fit their needs.

“AlignRx has invested heavily in bringing together the best minds in the business.”

– Kevin Kobielski

Objectivity and Independence

Our independent Rx consulting delivers clear, honest, and transparent guidance to cut through the noise and provide clear judgment and data analysis to help move your organization forward.

Insight to integration

In partnering with AlignRx, you access a network of pre-approved and pre-tested clinical and specialty partners and custom technologies – each offering options to achieve the highest quality care at the lowest cost.

Deep understanding

Our team provides years of industry expertise and complete pharmacy landscape oversight to help break down complexity and ease the burden of managing your pharmacy benefit.

Ahead of what’s next

Our team is constantly learning and focused on staying in front of changing market conditions. By pre-vetting and testing new solutions to market, we help clients cut through the clutter to take advantage of best-in-class solutions.

Driving growth and savings

We save our clients an average of 15%-35% on their Rx costs. We are always looking out for your best interests. Our goals are aligned with your goals, and our independent structure means we are relentlessly working on behalf of our clients to find better deals and increased savings while limiting disruption.

Focus on client success

We have a 100% client retention rate for a reason. AlignRx starts each new relationship by developing a deep understanding of what’s important to each client regarding their goals and objectives.

Client Success

AlignRx is more than invaluable guidance and savings. We are a guide, disruptor, and partner that creates a truly custom solution to improve your performance, drive savings and manage better outcomes for you and the people who rely on you. We align with your business, your people and your culture.

Featured Case Study

New PBM Procurement Drives Significant Savings for Employer Group

AlignRx worked with a 1,200 member employer group to provide expertise and guidance in their efforts to procure a new PBM contract. Our team of pharmacy consultants met with the client and their benefit advisors to discuss and help identify their specific needs.

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