Our Leadership

Kevin Kobielski


Kevin’s experience, vision, and fundamental understanding of how the healthcare system really works helps ensure our clients get what they earn and bargain for. Kevin and his team focus on leveraging AlignRx’s expertise and empowering our clients with knowledge and strategies to select the right pharmacy and medical benefit solutions.

With unique experience as a senior executive in healthcare, Kevin knows how deals work from every angle. That vision gives his practice a fresh approach to solving the problems that hinder profitability and flexibility for TPAs, brokers, and health plans.

Before joining AlignRx, Kevin served as General Manager, Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) at HealthNow New York. He managed a team of clinical resources, operations personnel, and account managers responsible for over $600 million in medical and pharmacy spend, as well as 250 self-funded Rx clients covering 160,000 pharmacy lives. Throughout his career, Kevin was responsible for several major PBM and specialty pharmacy RFPs that drove operational improvement and substantial savings. He has significant experience in formulary development and management, rebate contracting, medical injectable fee schedule development, and overall trend management.

While at HealthNow, Kevin led the pharmacy benefit procurement on two separate occasions. This procurement effort included Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business and also included specialty pharmacy. Kevin led the transition from Accredo to Walgreens, as a component of one of the procurement efforts.

These procurement efforts resulted in tens of millions of dollars of savings for HealthNow, along with countless operation and contractual improvements.

Greg Sanderson

Chief Operating Officer

Greg has extensive experience and understanding of the complex pricing methodologies commonly used within industry. With this, Greg helps ensure that the best pricing is provided to our clients, regardless of the size. Also, Greg’s knowledge of PBM benefit contracts ensures that there are no hidden fees or contract language which negatively impact the price of the benefit for the client.

Before joining AlignRx, Greg served as the Manager, Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) at HealthNow New York. He was responsible for the underwriting, financial oversight, and forecasting for the entire self-insured drug book of business.

Greg has an unmatched knowledge of Rx pricing and is able to squeeze tremendous value out of pharmacy benefit managers. Greg developed advanced analytic models that are able to predict plan spend based upon the many variables of a PBM contract and trends such as inflation and GDR rates.

Beckie Fenrick

Chief Pharmacy Officer

Beckie’s focus is helping patients, providers, health plans, employers, and PBMs realize better outcomes from their pharmacy experiences. Her track record as a pharmacy thought leader and change agent for 25 years helps her understand problems, see opportunities, and rethink better ways for AlignRx customers to handle rebates, ASO business and overall pharmacy operations.

As Chief Pharmacy Officer at AlignRx, she leverages her knowledge from advising major U.S. companies on the right ways to structure, manage, and administer their pharmacy benefits. Her experience reducing costs through innovating clinical programs, improving operational efficiency, negotiating drug rebate contracts, and automating systems to optimize productivity helps clients realize more benefit for their pharmacy spend.

Prior to joining AlignRx. Beckie was the Pharmacy Practice lead at a national Rx consulting practice. There she performed RFPs for Comcast, Pepsi, Chevron, and Sony. In addition, she was the clinical lead for BlueCross BlueShield of Florida. In both roles, she set the clinical direction for large, sophisticated entities resulting in lower costs and improved quality. At BCBS of Florida, Beckie was the clinical lead for all their procurement efforts.

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