Trend and Clinical Management

We help you identify programs to drive costs down while limiting disruption.


Clinical data management services

The power of our approach is in the combination of our clinician evaluation and our data analysis to quantity the savings and provide you an actionable plan.

Our advanced analytic engine, powered by a team of pharmacists and data analysts with extensive experience managing trends, will diagnose cost containment opportunities, determine top cost drivers, and develop a customized trend management plan.

In partnering with AlignRx, you have access to a network of pre-approved and pre-tested clinical and specialty partners and custom technologies – each offering choices to achieve the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. We have carefully selected and curated a list of results-oriented solutions focused on achieving savings, limiting member disruption, and providing white-glove customer service and implementation support.

Trend and Clinical Management Solutions

Specialty Solutions

On average, specialty drug spend makes up 45% of your costs but only 5% of your overall utilization, with these costs increasing 10-14% each year. Our specialty solutions, such as variable copay leverages the full value of drug manufacturers’ copay assistance to reduce the amount owed by the plan.

Clinical Outreach Options
We also can help you access and implement clinical and patient outreach programs that identify inefficient and expensive drugs. Once these are identified, these programs will work with providers, members, and pharmacies to select more-cost-efficient alternatives, while limiting impact to your members.

International Filling
Another option to help decrease your costs while providing your members with access to important drugs is international filling. Often times, sourcing manufacturers in other countries such as Canada can provide the same safe, clinically effective options at a significantly lower cost to you and the member.

Integrated and Digital Cash Solutions

Often, the best prescription prices for generics are found through cash networks and not your insurance plan. We offer access to multiple cash network solutions to find the right match for your organizations’ prescription savings needs.
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