AlignRx Named Finalist for Best Places to Work in Western New York

Buffalo Business First has named AlignRx as a finalist for its 2024 Best Places to Work awards in the category for companies with 10-24 employees. The results are based on an employee engagement survey that measures six key categories — communication, employee needs, manager effectiveness, personal engagement, team dynamic and trust in leadership.

Winners are chosen 100% based on the results of the survey, meaning only employees determine the score. AlignRx received an overall score of 95.17 out of 100 based on responses in those six categories.

The survey included several open-ended questions that were optional for employees. One anonymous employee wrote:

AlignRx is the best decision I ever made when it comes to my career. This company’s leaders are extremely approachable and care about everyone on their team — both in and out of the workplace environment. My mental health and overall wellness has improved since joining this organization. I feel like my voice is heard and my input and skills/talents are appreciated. My work and personal life balance is the best it’s ever been. This company hires a diverse group of individuals based on their potential, knowledge, and skills/qualifications — regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, etc. I am motivated and excited to work here every day, and proud to be a part of this company that is changing healthcare.

When asked which word best describes the work environment of AlignRx, the No. 1 answer given by employees was “collaborative.” And when it comes to feeling valued, which is the top driver of employee engagement, AlignRx scored 100 out of 100. Here’s another anonymous response:

I have never worked for a company that cares so much for me and my well being. Everything from our PT policy to company holidays helps enforce the culture of our well being and time with our families. We have the freedom to be ourselves and be creative without feeling like our talent is suppressed to only what our job title entails. If I have an idea, it’s taken seriously and not shot down immediately by leadership. It truly is hard to believe that I work for an organization and leadership team as great as AlignRx and actually enjoy logging on to work every day. My colleagues are more like family as we are such a close-knit organization, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Fellow Goodroot company Penstock is also a finalist for Best Places to Work in Western New York in the category for companies with 25-49 employees.

Finalists will be honored on March 28 at Buffalo RiverWorks.