Show Value and Competitive Advantage
by Offering More than Expected

The AlignRx innovative broker service model is based on brokers’ unique needs.
We understand that your market is competitive and it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate your firm from the competition. With AlignRx, you can use Rx management to grow your practice by offering differentiated solutions.

Coalitions will work with anyone, so how can you stand out? AlignRx delivers an advantage that makes you truly different. The key to our model is objectivity and independence. We are a true advocate for you and your clients. Now, instead of coalitions shaping the narrative to drive business to their products, you can get an independent partner aligned with you and your clients’ needs.

Our model is based upon a true partnership
that we customized for your unique needs.
We operate to satisfy two objectives:

Help retain and manage current clients

Drive membership growth by leveraging pharmacy

Retain and manage current clients.

AlignRx has a full suite of capabilities that our broker partners use to drive their clients’ costs, including:

Innovative Procurement Solution: Procurement 360

Comprehensive Audit Solution

Trend Management Solutions, including Specialty Copay and Physician Detailing Programs


Drive membership growth by leveraging pharmacy.

With Align Rx you have a true ally in your prospecting efforts. We’ve helped brokers win thousands of lives through our sales support effort, including:

Data Analytics and Pricing Support

Sales and Marketing Materials

Finalist Meeting Attendance

Would you like to talk about better outcomes?

AlignRx is ready to help.