Inside AlignRx: Employee Voices – Beckie Fenrick

Without a doubt, Beckie Fenrick is one of the go-to experts at AlignRx. Not only did she help build the business from the ground up, but as Chief Pharmacy Officer, she leverages her expertise to help health plans, employers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) realize better outcomes from their pharmacy experiences. And when she’s not dedicating her time to helping clients get the best PBM contracts for their needs (and wallets!), she’s keeping busy staying active, playing a lot of tennis, and spending quality time with her husband, friends and family.

From Pharmacist to Pharmacy Business Powerhouse

From a young age, Beckie knew she wanted to be some type of scientist or healthcare professional. “Chemistry was my forte, but I didn’t want to be a chemist,” she laughed. “So, pharmacy wound up being a great route for me to combine all of my interests.” 

After pharmacy school, Beckie started her career as a clinical pharmacist involved in managed care. She loved the work and developed a passion for the business side of things—not only does she have her PharmD, but she also has an MBA!  

Beckie has always had a special interest in pharmacy benefit management, so it was the perfect career step when she transitioned into the role of Pharmacy Director at a local regional health plan. Since then, she has held several leadership roles overseeing all aspects of clinical pharmacy programs for different health plans and a consulting firm.  

Building the Foundation of AlignRx

With 30 years of experience under her belt, Beckie brings a unique and insightful perspective to her role of Chief Pharmacy Officer at AlignRx. As one of the first three staff members to join the team, Beckie is in many ways a crucial part of the foundation of the business. 

Not only does Beckie’s phenomenal experience allow her to oversee overall pharmacy operations, but she is also able to understand problems, see opportunities, and discover new ways for customers to structure, manage and administer pharmacy benefits. Her role as Chief Pharmacy Officer is to establish and lead AlignRx’s direction on the clinical aspects of pharmacy benefits, ensuring that the team’s offerings are clinically sound. 

Her favorite part about the job is working with clients, providing insight and guidance so that they and their businesses can succeed. Beckie notes that it’s incredibly rewarding to tackle complex problems these clients face and bring forth problem-solving strategies. 

One example of this is some recent work she did with a health plan client that was looking for a custom pharmacy n

etwork with specialty solutions. Beckie ran both a PBM and Specialty Network RFP, finding a powerful solution that allowed for significant savings and improved member experience. Members had a seamless transition to the new custom network, and they now have enhanced services with specific initiatives to address issues related to social determinants of health. Not to mention, the client saw improved medication delivery and success rates for members appropriately taking their medications. 

Beckie has been with AlignRx for almost 5 years—reflecting on this time, she notes the significant growth of the company and its team. “The growth has been very fun to watch and be a part of,” she noted. “I’ve enjoyed helping lead our trajectory, especially when it comes to how we handle clinical recommendations and assisting clients with PBM contracts.” 

Game, Set, Match: A Love for Family, Community and Tennis 

Beckie grew up in small town Wisconsin but has been proud to call Florida home for over 15 years now. She lives in a bustling community with her husband and visits her sons whenever she gets the chance (one son lives relatively nearby in Florida and the other lives back in Wisconsin). She loves the sunshine, her community’s prime location near the ocean and all of the fun activities her area lends itself to. 

When we say Beckie is active, we mean it—she starts her day with a 3-and-a-half mile walk around her neighborhood. “After that, I’m ready to go,” she said. “My head is cleared, and I have the right perspective to get ready to work.” Three to four nights a week she plays tennis for fun and is on a few local recreational teams. When she’s not walking or playing tennis? Golfing, hiking and cooking are her go-to hobbies. 

Next up for Beckie? An Alaskan cruise with her husband for a nice summer vacation and continuing to lead the clinical direction of AlignRx with pride and excitement. Beckie’s “work hard, play hard” attitude is a lesson we could all learn from—and AlignRx couldn’t ask for a better clinical expert to lead the way!