Inside AlignRx: Employee Voices – Giorgio Vescera

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Giorgio Vescera is not your average consulting and analytics expert. With years of experience in pharmacy and navigating the complexities of PBMs, he’s transitioned seamlessly into his role as Senior Director of Consulting and Analytics at AlignRx. But behind the numbers and corporate leadership is a small-town guy who loves his family, pets and his newest hobby: marathon racing.

Journey to AlignRx

Giorgio’s decision to take his business degree into the healthcare sector was a no-brainer—almost every member of his family works within the healthcare space. Once he graduated with his degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University, he knew he didn’t want to go into banking like many of his peers and began diving deep into the data and analytics side of the pharmacy and PBM sectors. Joining AlignRx was a natural progression after several years in his career, with an opportunity to apply his expertise to influence change and drive improvements in drug pricing and contract negotiations for clients.

AlignRx’s “Go-To” Guy

Giorgio uses his superpower of connecting with people and problem solving daily, both with his own team, the broader AlignRx staff, and clients. He notes that his workplace superpower allows him to see the best in everyone and get them excited for what they’re tackling. Giorgio is passionate about the culture of the AlignRx workplace, characterizing it by unlimited possibilities, creativity and an open and honest culture that offers him freedom to explore new strategies and solutions.

Beyond Work: Family Man and Lifelong Ohioan

Giorgio has lived in Ohio his entire life, growing up in a town right outside of Youngstown and staying in the state for college. After marrying his high-school sweetheart, they settled down in the northeast region of the state with their dog, Callie, and two cats, Baker and Tito. You can find the trio sprawled out comfortably in various places around his home office—always a welcome sight on a video call!

When asked why he chose to remain in Ohio, he without hesitation responded, “I love my family.” When he’s not helping run his family’s business (a classic Italian restaurant that doubles as a gorgeous venue for weddings and events), you can find Giorgio and his wife exploring different restaurants and vineyards—ones that have patios and are pup-friendly, of course!

From Running a Team to Running (Multiple!) Marathons

Over the past few years, Giorgio has discovered a newfound passion for running. It helps him clear his mind and keep him occupied, and he especially loves it in the beautiful Ohio autumn. Giorgio ran his first marathon in 2023 and already has a laundry list of other marathons and races he’s already signed up for this year.

With his roots firmly planted in Ohio with his family and a dedication to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry for all, Giorgio’s story is a meaningful testament to the power of dedication, lifelong learning and finding joy and connection in every moment.