Inside AlignRx: Employee Voices – Monica Gindhart

When we tell you that the AlignRx team is made up of experts, we mean it. Meet Monica Gindhart, AlignRx’s powerhouse Director of Account Management. Her years of experience in many different areas of the pharmaceutical industry and passion for the work she does make her an innovative, dedicated leader. Beyond that, Monica is a loving mom, travel aficionado, and animal lover.

Small-Town Pharmacy Roots to Big Time PBMs

Monica has always been “obsessed” (her words) with science and anatomy, so when she found herself looking for a part-time job in high school, she wound up as a technician at a small, local pharmacy. She stuck with the pharmaceutical path, becoming a pharmacy technician for a mail-order hospice pharmacy and delving further into all of the different aspects of the field. She excelled when it came to working with insurance companies in these roles and transitioned to becoming an account executive in the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) sector.

Finding Community and Innovation at AlignRx

What started out as a LinkedIn message exchange turned into Monica finding her perfect job match as Director of Account Management at AlignRx. Within her first interview, Monica knew that she was meant to be part of AlignRx and the Goodroot community, noting the sense of community and endless possibilities for innovation in the healthcare space.

In her role, Monica works hard to create innovative solutions for new programs and ways to help her clients save. From providing strategic pharmacy proposals to guiding clients during a PBM implementation, she meets each client partnership with excitement. “Talking pharmacy is fun, but I love hearing fun things my clients did on vacation or over the weekend on our calls.”

One of Monica’s favorite parts of the job? Getting to oversee her powerhouse team of account executives. She loves creative brainstorming sessions to get their points of view and helping them advance in their own careers as a mentor.

Family First

Outside of work, Monica lives in a quaint New Jersey town close to where she grew up with her husband, four-year-old daughter, and beloved pets (two cats and a dog!). Her daughter is a “firecracker” who has a budding passion for science, a mirror image of Monica’s own childhood curiosity. Recently, the mini-scientist has campaigned for a pet otter to join their lively household— to be determined if they add another furry friend to the mix!

Monica is also a licensed cosmetologist and helps out at her mom’s salon with her sister—a fun way to stay connected with her family, maintain her skills, and save up for her main passion: travel.

Bitten by the Travel Bug

“Traveling is my favorite thing in the whole world to do,” Monica noted. “I love seeing new places, how blue water can be, how amazing food can taste.”

Her favorite trip of all-time? She and her parents travelled to South Africa for three weeks, and she fell in love with the area and safaris. As a lifelong animal lover, Monica was enchanted by the up-close views of lions, tigers, elephants, and other beautiful animals.

She especially loves passing the travel bug down to her daughter, allowing her to experience different cultures and open up to all of the different ways of life around the globe. Up next on her docket? A vacation to St. Lucia with her husband to celebrate their 10-year anniversary!

If one thing is clear, it’s that Monica is passionate about everything she does, from creating new solutions at work to raising her daughter to traveling the world. We could all learn a powerful lesson from her about enjoying every moment and following our sense of joy.