Stay Informed, Stay Ahead: CVS’s Transition from Humira to Biosimilars

CVS Formulary Change – What You Need to Know 

CVS Caremark has announced the removal of Humira from some of their formularies starting the second quarter of 2024. The transition to biosimilar alternatives, which are part of the covered formulary, is planned.  

Key Points of the Announcement 

  • Impact Period: Starting April 1, 2024 
  • Affected Parties: Access to Humira will cease for members on CVS Caremark’s Standard Control or Advanced Control formularies. 
  • Why This Matters: Plan sponsors can anticipate a reduction in claim costs due to the more cost-effective biosimilars. However, this may also influence rebate yields and rebate guarantee figures. 

AlignRx’s Commitment: At AlignRx, we are dedicated to navigating these changes alongside our clients.  

We’re closely monitoring this situation and are committed to assisting plan sponsors with any issues that may arise from this change, along with keeping our partners informed with any additional information as it become available.