Webinar on Demand: Meeting the Mandate—The TPA Path to RxDC Success

The RxDC Reporting Deadline is Approaching—Are you Prepared?

At AlignRx, we provide our valued TPA partners and their employer groups with year-round pharmacy consulting and expertise. The RxDC mandate is no exception.  

We covered: 

  • PBM timelines—and how they impact yours
  • Understanding PBM charges for data submission communicating them with your clients 
  • Rebates, rebates, rebates! Ensuring data files are adjusted to accommodate for them
  • Aligning with your PBM partner on a data-submission strategy 
  • A streamlined approach to communicating all this with your employer clients 

If you’re feeling unprepared—or just want to make sure you’ve checked all your boxes—tune in! We’ll guide you to the path of success.  

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