Whitepaper: Breaking Down the Hottest Topic in Pharmacy—Humira Biosimilars

The industry report you’ve been waiting for. 

Today biosimilars seem to be the topic of conversation everywhere. Why? Humira. The launch of Humira biosimilars will be a test for industry stakeholders, as their entrance will reveal whether blockbuster drugs—that offer significant rebates—can be replaced to reduce the cost burden on patients and payers in the United States. 

Download our Whitepaper to Explore: 

  • The History of Humira  
  • The Biosimilar Players Coming to Market in 2023
  • The Current Cost-Rebate Power Play  
  • Predictions for the Future Landscape of Humira and Biosimilar Competitors
  • Recommended Next Steps for Industry Stakeholders  

This whitepaper sheds light on what industry stakeholders can expect from Humira biosimilars in 2023 and beyondIf you’re a health plan, employer group, biosimilar manufacturer, PBMbroker, TPA, or a patient—you won’t want to miss it.

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